A Special Moment In My Life

This past Friday night was a night of many revelations, joy, tears, fun, and family.
But, one of the best things I will always remember is seeing Hailey and Emilie playing the piano…playing Claire du Lune…..and hitting the right keys….tears fell upon my face at that moment.
Another special moment came when Melissa and I were alone, and we both sat at the piano, and she played her heart out….I balled then…LOL…we hugged and cried with joy……We both we women, not just Mom and Daughter at that instant. Boy, she can play…I was so moved knowing that she too was so very happy at the frozen moment in time.
And of course, the sentimental side of myself, couldn’t refrain…Knowing that 6 generations of fingers have played on this Family heirloom…brought back so many memories of all those before me….My Pepere, my dear, sweet Mom and remembering in her last days how she played at the Hospital for all to hear…Knowing that made me so proud of her and all who have followed in this musical genre…..
I came home with a heart full of memories and love to last a life time!
To each of you who should read this insert……..Happy day to you, you are in my heart today, and well………HUGS!!! Love ya’s!

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