My Walk Home

Tonight, on my way home walking….it was dark and snowing ever so lightly. The village neighbours were outside either shovelling snow, pulling little one’s on tobaggon’s, playing in their yards with their children or simply taking a evening walk. As I slowly watched, talked, laughed or simply greeted my neighbours, I couldn’t help but to try and imagine what it was like here even 50 years ago. With all the century homes, some with beautiful verenda’s, some with the simplicity of the day, I felt like I was walking in time. I could smell the many different woods burning in the woodstoves, dogs barking or just saying hello to me as I passed. I could see so many making their way home to with their families and the smell’s of lingering meals, made me more anxious to have my evening meal with my Hubby. Yes, I truly enjoyed my walk home tonight.

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