Life’s Garden

C. Monette

My Garden grows in love,
Friendships and future dreams….
May you know in my heart,
Your kindness and thoughts are not extreme.
Though life’s Garden may bring weeds,
All we need to do is go down on bended knee’s,
To gather the undesirables,
And keep what is thee’s.
The rays of love and understanding,
Will keep the garden growing.
Sprinkle it with moments of laughter,
And we all be all so knowing.
Take care my Friend in the garden,
And all who are in the row with me,
Know you all will flourish
In life, wait and see!
I just wrote this  and it is Dedicated to you Carol….Thanks so very much for your trust and sincere words Sweetie! 
Published By Ninnys Nest ( – April 24 7:47 PM

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