The “Prism” In The Window

Hi everyone….its been awhile…..I was talking to a very dear Friend tonight and well, I was inspired to write another poem….This particular will not rhyme, but not all poems do…..But, this poem is from my heart and like all poets of the heart…it has meaning to its owner…….so here goes……
Oh how the sunlight beams through the kitchen window……..
It watches the going on’s in the most private ways!
It see’s the sadness and the laughter too!
The sweet whisper’s of “I love you”.
The ray’s shine upon the faces
Each one with its own history…….
Hugging cup’s of coffee….or tea
And each morning like the sun,
Our hope, love and dreams are awaken.
To all who see the prism’s of life
May you know, in each of us,
We breathe, we remember, we go into the day.
With anticipation, feeling, what the prism will bestow?
For in that window, we see ourselves hoping,
To be a part of its dream and brilliance.
So all who read this, as the sun shines,
Go take on this day, and remember.
For today has its prism’s and dullness,
And yet, we shine, for we are watching that window
With all its going on’s and colours,
For we believe, today, is the the day, we will shine.
So drink up that cup of coffee or tea,
Go and touch that sunshine you see,
For you believe, in that prism in the window……
This day will be another, you wait and see.

C. Monette

May 26, 2006
Dedicated to you Terry & Gord….and those two fish from the sea……

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