Being Grandma Ninny


These last few day’s I have been blessed. Three of my Granddaughter’s have given me  joy, warmth and sincere love from their heart’s.

Last night we attended a wake and all three girl’s were wonderful. Though two of them lost their Nanna, they took it all in stride.

To be so young and yet aware, they thought of myself and took care of yours truly. Even a cuppa of coffee was offered with one’s wee little hand’s. A small gesture, but the pure kindness warmed my heart.

Yes, I am blessed to be a Grandmother. Thankyou girl’s.

PS: My coffee and your art went very nicely together this morning.


One response to “Being Grandma Ninny

  1. It’s unfortunate but I understand completely and all I can say is Thank God for my granddaughters or I might have give up on the loss of my wife – now well over a year but their sweetness and concern will always be remembered.

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