Snowing Here & Good Eve

My thought’s for this day?

Well, I am most blessed to have a Son-in-Law who take’s the time to help me out in my renovation’s.

Since my Hubby’s passing, I have found myself  admitting my short coming’s in the knowledge of renovation’s and the pure fact of my weakness physically. I never thought I would say this, but I do believe, I may be guilty of taking some thing’s for granted with my Hubby’s talent’s. Truly, I never had that intention, and now, I sit here in my thought’s…Guess what? I am guilty. Yike’s!!!!

How are the reno’s going? Slow but steady. The house has changed quite abit. For those who have not been here for awhile, you may be pleasantly surprised.

Yeppers…between two Sons-in-Law, and friend’s, I am definitely feeling blessed and encouraged.

So thankyou boyz….You know who you are, and from my heart, may you also be blessed with unselfish kindness from other’s.

Snowing now, the cat’s are all curled up in deep slumber, and this eve is peaceful.


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