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101 Thing’s about Mexico City

Follow the link below for this amusing, but truthful list of Mexico’s daily routine’s.


Puebla, Mexico

Mexico’s handicrafts (via The Urban Hippie)

Fantastic representation shown by “The Urban Hippie” of the Mexican arts and craft world.


Mexico's handicrafts One of my favorite days in Mexico was spent at a market filled with color. There were Katarinas (Dia De Los Muertos Southern belles), figures all hand painted, woven and beaded jewelry and tons of handicrafts. It was heaven. Weeks later, I’m looking back at these photos wishing I would have bought more. But I guess that always happens, right? Enjoy these photos; there are a lot. … Read More

via The Urban Hippie

Milpa Alta D.F. Mexico (In Spanish)

DeLeón Añejo: The Ultimate Agave





DeLeón Añejo: The Ultimate Agave


San Miguel de Allende

Can’t you see yourself there?

The safest way to eat on the street in Mexico City (via The Mija Chronicles)

Very good advice from Mija, who does happen to live in Mexico City.

The safest way to eat on the street in Mexico City It’s a myth that eating any street food in Mexico City will make you sick. But if you’re not used to eating on the street here, you shouldn’t just pick any stand. One of the most common questions I get through my Eat Mexico tours is: “How do you choose where to take us?” Here are the guidelines I use … Read More

via The Mija Chronicles