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Mexico–Native Plant’s


1….Acapulco, Mexico

1-Mexico—The People

Mexico City—Bull Fight

For some, this sport may seem cruel, as I did prior to attending this event. It is done so humainly, that I was very surprised. The rod’s don’t even hurt the bull, that’s just to get him going. As for the final blow, done in second’s with no violent aftermath, nor excessive bleeding.

The audience was very attentive and believe me, they know what to look for and are not shy in expressing their like’s and dislike’s with each preformance.

1…Milpa Alta Mx-2007

I was blessed to be able to go to Milpa Alta with my Brother and Sister-in-law and see for myself the way of life in this commercial city. This was my first visit, and not knowing any spanish when I arrived, I quickly had to learn. Everyone decided the only way I was going to learn was total spanish emmersion…plus the fact, very few here spoke English.

So in this section, I wish to share my experience’s in picture’s.